Personally, I don’t have a vanity plate for my car although I am toying with the idea of getting one that relates to my business. My father, the proud papa that he is, has one advertising his familial pride and my kids think its great. I do too. It shows humility and dedication to his family.

Then there are plates you see that remind me Bumper Stumpers, a quirky little Canadian game-show that featured fictional vanity plates that contestants had to decipher for cash. Ones like ROCDRMR and GR8ADS, etc. There’s also a bunch I’ve seen around Toronto that all start with VE3… I’ve heard that it’s something in another language but I’m still waiting on confirmation of that.

Which brings me now to a plate I saw the other day  –

Vanity license plate that makes you look twice.

Vanity license plate that makes you look twice.

That’s right, GUNT. And NO, I did NOT Photoshop this or find it on the web somewhere – this is an actual license plate driving around Toronto.

I don’t know if its the owner’s last name (bummer if it is, sorry about that), or if it has something to do with their profession (your guess is as good as mine), but to be honest I like to think that this person has a killer sense of humour and managed to pull of an outstanding coup by not only ordering, but receiving this plate.

For those of you who live under a rock, the word GUNT refers to the paunch some people get below the belly button leading down to the nether regions. It’s a “clever” mash-up of two words, similar to BRUNCH, that not only helps to perfectly describe the area, but also adds that level of incredulity to the word that makes people second guess what it is you’ve said.

So my question is this: Who fell asleep behind the wheel at the Licensing Bureau that let this nugget slip through?

At any rate, vanity plates are great and to-date more than likely create a steady rate of income for the state (province). Holy Dr. Suess.

If you have one does it tell people about you personally, or speak to your business offerings, or does it simply smack society in the face and make them chuckle at your wittiness or unfortunate circumstance?

If I decide to get one, I’m shooting for option 3, just like Mr or Mrs Gunt did.