Looking for that last minute gift for that ‘impossible-to-buy-for person’ or your dad, who has everything?

It's not just a cute, cuddly, baby goat - it could save a life.

Get ’em a goat.

No, really, buy a goat or a fruit tree or clean water for an entire family or any number of amazingly simple, powerful gifts for someone in desperate need through The Plan or World Vision.

Please consider giving a gift that could change the life of someone you’re never going to meet – because you can, because they could really use your help, and because another “thing” will just end up on a shelf collecting dust. You’re going to have to get them something anyway, right? Make it meaningful, not mundane.

Is it sad that only around the holidays do we find ourselves thinking about the less fortunate? It is if we don’t act upon those thoughts and then try to think about it more often.

Best wishes for the Holidays!