Why get what you want when you can buy what you don't get?

GoDaddy is horrendously confusing.
I think I just secured a couple of domains, but really have no idea if I can send/receive emails to them, and why the hell would I want to add ninety-seven other things to my order? Things I don’t even understand, nor care to…
I use GoDaddy because finding and securing a domain is cheap – but for the love of Pete, Mr. Parsons, please get your sales process under control and don’t SPAM the crap out of me before I’ve even given you my money… The process is similar to leasing a new car – the sales guy throws a thousand things at you at once to try and confuse you and get you to drop a wad on top of the car, AND they do their best to make you feel like a moron so out of fear of humiliation, you just agree to whatever the hell they say and end up getting screwed.

That’s almost as bad as the over-anxious teenager at the drive-thru window that keeps asking “Is that everything?” after everything you order.

“Can I take your order?”

“Yeah, can I get a combo #1…”

“Is that everything?”

“… with fries…”

“Is that everything?”

“… and root beer to drin…”

“Is that everything?”

“I hate you.”